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Companion Prayer Bundle

Companion Prayer Bundle

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Are you looking for a systematic guide that inspires you when you wake up and brings peace to you when you end your day?  This 30 day guide of prayers and affirmations will do just that.  Do you get results when you pray?  Experience the power of prayer with this dynamic Companion Prayer Bundle!  It’ll help you understand:
  1. your role when you pray,
  2. the Mind of God regarding how we should pray, and
  3. how to be effective in making dynamic power available for change
It’s a massive tool…the perfect tool designed to help get you engaged in praying right and effectively to get results every time you pray.  This Companion Prayer Bundle includes a 30 day guide of prayers and affirmations, an easy-to-follow structure, and vital information you need to cultivate the spirit of prayer to get results when you pray.


Companion Prayer Bundle includes Get Results When You Pray and Prayers & Affirmations 30 Day Guide.

Dimensions: 5 x 8
Language: English
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