"But you, my delightfully loved friends, constantly and progressively build yourselves up on the foundation of your most holy faith by praying every moment in the Spirit." Jude 1:20

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Love First to Forgive

Apostle Maria reveals how faith rebuilds and true love's power mends the deepest wounds.

“This is a book for individuals, for families, for anyone who has experienced or witnessed jealousy, lies, manipulation and deceit.
—Congressman Sansford D. Bishop

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Triumphinprayers.com is a part of my Bare Journey Inner Circle that's designed to help you with the special inspiring things one needs on their healing journey from abuse and betrayal. I know how uncomfortable the journey can be sometimes. I too needed things to comfort me in the process.

The beautiful thing about these items and programs here is that will definitely help you learn how to conquer toxic long-lasting effects of abuse and betrayal; build your faith strong; and, have the joy and peace you deserve and need for overall success. but, I must tell you, your work and dedication is required for change. No body can do this for you, not even God, if you don't yield to Him and do what He says in the Word for healing.

With that being said, know that the Bare Journey team is here to help you get overall success and be victorious through the process. Shall we toast? :) Here's to an incredible healing journey together!

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    Welcome to the Bare Journey Network that's for anyone whose ever experienced the wounds of emotional abuse and betrayal.  Kindly note, we just launched today.We have so much in store...



    Welcome to the Bare Journey Network that's for anyone whose ever experienced the wounds of emotional abuse and betrayal.  Kindly note, we just launched today.We have so much in store...



"Get Results When You Pray" is a powerful book, inspired by the Holy Spirit for anyone who wants to learn how to live the winning life God gave us in Christ. I urge you to get your copy, because you will need it. It's a blessing to all!"

"This is not an ordinary book. Get Results When You Pray, is loaded with secrets on how to obtain results when you pray and how to keep enjoying a continuous victory. You can't afford not to get your copy."

Having triumphed over deep pains of emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse, I understand how the negative impact of it can create a bad perspective about life and cause a lot of doubt and fear to get into the heart. It was faith-filled prayers and worship that brought the realities of my trust in God for rest and so much more I so deeply longed for several years ago. Prayer really changed the trajectory of my life, entirely.

I went from almost becoming a bitter, scorned, and depressed woman who once was on the brink of a nervous breakdown to becoming a powerful prayer intercessor and warrior by the Holy Sprit and teachings of my pastor and mentor, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakiholme (D.Sc., D.Sc, D.D.)

With great pleasure and honor, it's my privilege to offer you my set of prayer companion books and Christian fiction novel all written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that'll change your life forever. You'll never see life from the same "lense" after reading them. God bless you!

Apostle Maria Evans

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